Nearby is the place to be good for everyone. For the tourist and guest, walkers and cyclists there are beautiful trails Achterhoekse church and see. Many routes on rural roads and beautiful tourist places Germany is a stone’s throw from Beltrum.

Beltrum. has church paths Slinge and through the beautiful bocage connect it to the church trails nearby There is in addition to the existing nature also “new nature” with unique plants and resting areas for birds and wildlife that here an impression www.

Ruurlo has its beautiful castle in a wooded area and the family park with cactus oasis

In Lievelde is an indoor play area for enjoyment of young and old.
Open Air Museum Preserve Kots with inn, pancakes, raisin bread, farmer and brewhouse.
Across the street is the cheese farm Weenink with delicious local cheese, cows and art.

Eibergen has a recently renovated outdoor pool with slide, diving board and a wading pool for the little ones

Near Eibergen is just across the German border Vreden the wetlands “Zwilbrockerven” with its large numbers of beautiful flamingos.

Borculo has many museums is rich in historical heritage, mills and monuments, galleries and attractions, and you can take a trip on the Berkel Berkel Zomp canoe, kayak, scooter rides, GPS treasure hunt, paintball, mountain biking, team play, group activities, too many to mention. Farmer, farmer survival, corn maze, wagon ride (tractor). Wagon and horse-riding, horse-adapted for the disabled. Indoor pool in Borculo. IJsboerderij” t Dommerholt. Monumental Saxon farm”” Preserve Brooks Museum farm, pancakes, fun. Distance to the holiday farm 3 km.

The draw Groenlo city has a rich history and the 80 year war with the “Siege of Grol” and fortifications, “English Schans” with watchtower and circumvallatielinie are visible remains from that time. The Grolsch beer here originated is still popular in the many cafes, restaurants and terraces.

What is there to do in the Achterhoek?

The house is a folder with brochures and information about attractions and numerous attractions border, and beyond.